You Shall Not Pass Dog! Cats Won’t Let Dogs Pass Them – Hilarious

cats vs dogs

You shall not pass! Remember that scene in Lord of The Rings where Gandalf the grey stood ground against the demon on the bridge and shouted ” You shall not pass! ” Well, this is something similar, these cats are saying you shall not pass dog and the dogs actually listen.

Or more likely they are just really really afraid of the cats because you know, cats are assholes, we already established that fact a while ago. There are only a few things in the world that would keep a dog from getting to his goal. Dogs would jump into fire and dangerous places without thinking and they do it because they are loyal and tough. But when it comes to cats, they are just big piles of fear. Cats are so small compared to most dogs so it’s hilarious to see these big dogs being scared shitless when a cat is standing next to them with they evil eyes.

The video below is a hilarious compilation of you shall not pass dog where cats are just blocking the way of their fellow pets, big,small, it doesn’t matter, cats rule this land and you dogs better pay attention if you want to survive. Just ask Jimmy the bulldog what happened to him, go ahead, if you dare. The day he met whiskers the cat was a day he will never forget, it’s best not to talk about this day, we don’t know who’s listening.

Any way this is the funniest video i have seen in a while. Cats owning dogs by saying you shall not pass dog


You shall not pass dog!!

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