15 Bat Dad Vines That Are Just Hilarious

bat dad

The Bat Dad Vines really took the internet by storm. They are so funny that i don’t think there’s even one person who hasn’t seen at least one Bat dad vine online. The Bat Dad is a father of four kids and when he’s not taking care of them all. he fights crime! Check out below some of the best Bat Dad Vines we could come up with. Don’t forget to follow him here – he is awesome!

1. Quick! To the bat dad Honda! LOL. Love this Bat Dad Vine


2. Teaching his sons manners!

3. Even super heroes needs to eat. Yes, Batman also eats kids

4. Keeping the order and law – even at the dinner table

5. No one is above the lawwwwwwww


6. Protecting his family is a 24\7 job!

7. He never lost a man. Not yet anyhow

8. How does he manage all that stuff and still fights crime? Easy, he is a super dad!

9. Bat dad keeping it clean


10. Ever wondered who washes the bat man outfit. Well it’s Jen, his wife.

11. Putting down the law! No swallowing of gums on his watch Get it!

12. He can’t beat his wife. Does anyone can?

13. He lives in the shadows


14. No one spills food on the floor in the bat cave – NO ONE!

15. Bat dad is above the law

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