World’s First Museum Of Happiness To Open In U.K. Are You Happy About That?

Happiness is the most sought-after treasure there is out there. You can’t get anything better than that. We all seek happiness. The difference is in what we seek it. Some might find it in a brand new Ferrari, some in a hot coffee by the kitchen table with the beloved ones, some in climbing the Everest. It depends. We’re not all the same.

But since happiness is this elusive thing that we all seek and don’t really know what it is, then how can you open a museum of happiness? Let’s see!


First Museum of Happiness 2

The Museum of Happiness is a non profit organization which is about to have a permanent location in UK, this September. So far, the volunteer team has simply organized pop-up events, classes and workshops for drop-in participation.

“Three years ago, the Museum of Happiness was an idea discussed on summer strolls around Hyde Park. We wanted to offer a sanctuary where people of all ages and backgrounds could come together to feel safe, peaceful and happy and learn about their own wellbeing,” says the museum team

First Museum of Happiness 3

And this is how the team started hosting workshops on all kind of things: from mindfulness origami, to laughing yoga, ukulele lessons, art, dancing, you name it!

First Museum of Happiness 4

“At the Museum of Happiness we offer tangible, science-based tools you can implement into your everyday lives. Our society needs such physical spaces like a Museum of Happiness to explore this vital skill, emotion and state of being in a secular way,” says the team. “Most importantly, we can run initiatives to bring people together to create friendships, have fun and find balance in a city of chaos, regardless of your background or belief system.”

First Museum of Happiness 5


Want to volunteer, be one of the happy people making other people happy? You can check out their website.

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