When rain makes art: this is Seattle street art that appears only when it’s wet!

Seattle is widely known as a very rainy place. There are more than 150 rainy days a year there! People might feel a little depressed, don’t you think? Yes, they might have got used to it, but still, that much rain does no one any good. And what better way to raise these people’s spirit than this? Street art that appears only when it’s wet and make you smile a little about the whole rain situation.

Peregrine Church, the man behind this, uses a superhydrophobic solution that he sprays over a stencil. You can find a video below in which he explains it all. In his own words, “And I thought , ‘Hey, concrete gets darker when it gets wet,’If you took some of this stuff and stenciled it onto concrete, then whenever it rained you could make like hidden messages show up.’”

Why does he do this? To make people smile.The solution he uses is biodegradable and the artworks last at least four months and at most a year. That’s enough to get people’s attention and make them feel better on a rainy day, wouldn’t you say?

1. Wanna’ play a game? Yes, it’s raining! So what?


2. If you didn’t know it…


3. Always be proud of who you are and where you come from, always be…


4. Take care!


5. Who doesn’t, right?


6. Treasure it! It’s all you’ve got!


7. Are you ready for it?


8. You do the math!


9. Rain, sun. It’s just a subjective matter!


10. Sometimes, it happens…


11. Rain could also shine!


Images: Rainworks

Now check out this video in which he explains his methods! Do you think you’re ready for this?

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