4 Weird Things Couples do With Their Dogs That You do Too

When being in a relationship you need to experience the joy that a dog brings. It definitely needs to be in every couple’s bucket list. But have you ever wondered all the weird things couples do with their dogs? We will explain some funny and heartwarming gestures of what it is like for a couple to have a dog.

1. The woman always talks in a high pitched voice to a dog, while the man always talks in a deeper voice

Weird Things Couples do With Their Dogs
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This has happened to me too. My husband and I had a dog named Elmo and I would always talk to him in that loving high pitched voice women use when talking to babies or to something that looks generally cute. While men talk to dogs like they are just their normal buddy. Yes, it is weird but it is at the same time funny when you realize it.

2. The dog is usually the one to make up a couple after a fight

Weird Things Couples do With Their Dogs
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Let’s admit it, all couples fight. But it is the dog who gets sad in that situation. Because he loves both of its humans, they do not want you two to split and be mad at each other. That is the reason they sometimes whine or just come and cuddle you both to make peace again.

My dog would use to do this almost every time my husband and I would fight. He would be a great reminder to us that the only thing that matters is to love unconditionally and accept that we need to be more accepting of each other.

3. Asking your partner if the dog pooped or not


Usually, when taking your dog out just for the matter of them pooping, our other partner would be at home waiting to ask that “did he poop” question. Although we might not realize that we ask this weird question on the usual, we do it anyway.

4. Cooking a bit extra for your dog

Weird Things Couples do With Their Dogs
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Even though your dog has its own food, you still understand how they love some human food. That is why in some cases you end up cooking not only for yourself and partner but for your dog also. A little bit of risotto from time to time doesn’t hurt anyone.

Here’s a funny video Buzzfeed created about this topic:

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