23 Dogs Sitting Like Humans To Make Us All Redundant

Dogs have a way of sitting down as we humans have our own. We usually sit on our butts (when they ain’t hurting) with our legs spread out in front of us. Dogs usually sit on their four legs and their belly glued down on the floor. But what happens when they decide to change that? There are probably some other non-humans who sit like that, but dogs usually don’t. So seeing a dog sitting on the couch like a human and watching TV, or sitting in the backseat of a car with his seat belt on…well, that will crack you up.  Want to try? We’ve got 23 dogs sitting like humans and pieces of laughter down here, just for you! Enjoy!

1. Happy friends!

dogs sitting like humans 23 (1)

2. “Where, hooman? Where should I look?”

dogs sitting like humans 22 (1)

3. Just chillin’

dogs sitting like humans 21 (1)

4. Paying attention to the road in front. It’s not the destination. It’s the journey that counts.

dogs sitting like people 20 (1)

5. “Is that Mozart?”

dogs sitting like people 18 (1)

6. “She left. My dog life sucks. I want a drink…I want more”

dogs sitting like people 19 (1)

7. “Yes, I ate the turkey. So what? Don’t give me that look!”

dogs sitting like people 17 (1)

8. “What? The fact that you drive like nuts scares you?”

dogs sitting like people 16 (1)

9. “Hooman, I want my food and I want it now!”

dogs sitting like real people 15 (1)

10. This is how you properly spend Friday evening!

dogs sitting like real people 14 (1)

11. “I don’t care! I ride however I like”

dogs sitting like real people 13 (1)

12. “Sorry sir, is this seat taken?”

dogs sitting like real people 12 (1)

13. Which one do you choose to be your dog mate?

dogs sitting like real people 11 (1)

14. “What, human? I’m fed up with all your arrogance and decided to show you I can do everything you do, except better!”

dogs sitting like real people 10 (1)

15. When you come back from the gym and want to be tough

dogs sitting like humans 9 (1)

16. “What? They Photoshopped that! Don’t be fooled”

dogs sitting like humans 8 (1)

17. “I missed the pizza” vs “Interesting stuff on TV”. Which one?

dogs sitting like humans 7 (1)

18.”How do humans like to sit like this? Don’t they get butt pain?”

dogs sitting like humans 6 (1)

19. Too sleepy to care

dogs sitting like humans 5 (1)

20. “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine”

dogs sitting like humans 4 (1)

21. “I drank too much” vs “Porn? What’s porn?” face. Which one is the best?

dogs sitting like humans 3 (1)

22. Contemplating life

dogs sitting like humans 2 (1)

23. “Yeah! It’s my birthday! Say Happy Birthday to me now!”

dogs sitting like humans 1 (1)

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