Unicorns Are Jerks Is The Book That Finally Tells The Truth About The Magical Animals

Why do people think unicorns are so awesome and magical? Did it ever occurred to anyone that maybe, just maybe unicorns are jerks? Think about it, they’re beautiful, they have magical powers, most likely if they were real they would act like a stuck up princess and not like a magical animal everyone imagines. The book with the same title created by Theo Nicole Lorenz and feature 18 funny and clever little illustrations, this book tells a different perspective about the animal we all think are innocent.

The unicorns are jerks book is not just a book of images, it’s actually a coloring book meant for adults to pass some time in a fun humorous way. Also check out this post we wrote before about this cool sweary coloring book for adults. Get the book here and also share with your friends

Everyone thinks unicorns are pure and magical, but honestly. Unicorns are jerks

unicorns are jerks 1 (1)

They use so much shampoo they finish it in one shower

unicorns are jerks 2 (1)

Never go to lunch with a unicorn, it will hog your fries and drink

unicorns are jerks 3 (1)

They fart in elevators on purpose

unicorns are assholes 4 (1)

Unicorns judge you for your taste in music, and it will almost always be bad

unicorns are assholes 5 (1)

Unicorns always text and talk on the phone during a movie in the cinema

unicorns are assholes 6 (1)

Unicorns are assholes because they don’t replace the toilet roll when it’s done

unicorns are assholes 7 (1)

Unicorns sing sad breakup songs to your face just when your girlfriend dumped you

unicorns are assholes 8 (1)

Unicorns take over the ball pit and won’t let anyone else get in and play

unicorns are jerks 9 (1)

Unicorns are jerks because they borrow your clothes without asking and stretch them out

unicorns are jerks 10 (1)

Unicorns can be jerks too, and this book proves it. Check it out and you won’t be sorry


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