Tim Tadder Water Wigs Are The Coolest Thing You’re Gonna See Today

Water wigs?! Yes, it is a specially designed wig that gives you enough water to drink on a hot summer day.

Just kidding, it isn’t. It’s just a little bit of cool photography art and we’re loving it. The man responsible for these images is Tim Tadder. He rounded up a bunch of bald guys ( and girls ) and started throwing balloons at their head. The experienced photographer caught it all on camera, mid-action, using ultra-high speed photography.

The light in these photos is amazing and it is Tim’s idea of coloring the water wig shapes for an extra effect. It looks magical this way, he was right.

“We chose to work with triads of colors to create images that are arresting and amusing at the same time. We feel the color helps transform the water into some more and adds greater visual interest”, said Tadder of his work

The technique seems quite complicated. Tim used a laser and a sound trigger just to catch the right moment for when the balloons would hit the bald man’s heads and thus create the best water wig possible.

Who is Tim Tadder, the mastermind behind this? He is a “visual communicator”, as he likes to describe himself, a veteran of the advertising world, a creative star who was responsible for some of the most iconic images for Budweiser, Adidas or Gatorade.  Tadder himself calls his “Water Wigs” a “further exploration into water weirdness”. He has released the photographs for free on the Internet in his wish to share their strange beauty and his great talent with the world.

Take a look below and tell us which one is your favourite. If you will look closer, you will see how they are designed into different kinds of haircuts. For example,  you have the Mohawk, the angel halo, the Jesus one and so on. More info: Instagram

Photographer Tim Tadder created these cool water wigs with precision photography

tim tadder water wigs 1 (1)

He used movement sensors along with lasers to pinpoint the exact moment the water balloon hits the head to take the perfect shot

tim tadder water wigs 2

From mohawks to full on set of hair, the water wigs come in many different styles

tim tadder water wigs 3 (1)

The finishing touch was to paint the wigs with color – for added effect. Great call!

tim tadder water wigs 4 (1)

Tim came from the advertising world so he knows a thing or two about creating sticky worthy images

tim tadder water wigs 5 (1)


tim tadder water wigs 6 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 7 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 9 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 10 (1)


tim tadder water wigs 11 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 12 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 13 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 14 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 15 (1)


tim tadder water wigs 16 (1)

tim tadder water wigs 8 (1)


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