This Is What Happens To Your Dog’s Brain When He Sees You


What Happens To Your Dog's Brain When He Sees You

Dogs are wonderful companions and they offer remarkable relationship with their humans that are greater than any other kind of relationship. They are the ones devoted and loyal to their owners and they are the happiest and excited whenever their human friend comes home. The wagging of tail is evident when they recognize the face of their owners.

Just recently, a medical study was taken by the researchers of the University of Mexico who conducted an MRI examination on dogs to find out what is happening to their brain whenever they see and recognize their human friend. This procedure also determines the emotional status of dogs every time they see their human buddy.

Their subjects, one labrador retriever, five border collies, and one golden retriever. These dogs were trained to be comfortable while inside the MRI scanner during the procedure to find out that their theory is quite right.

Fifty images of humans faces mixed along with other 50 non-living objects were presented to them.

What Happens To Your Dog's Brain When He Sees You 2
Research shows that every time they recognize human faces, the temporal cortex lit up with activity This part of the brain is responsible for visual processing of complex stimuli. Findings further suggest that dogs have a very strong ability to recognize human faces and that their emotions also start to actively lit up as well when ever humans are around.

It’s no surprise, we can clearly see that dogs get excited whenever they see their human buddy coming!

Source: iflscience



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