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We used to be doing some minor repairs, mostly in our homes whenever nobody is around to fix it immediately and we seldom want to spend our money over inexperienced technicians that will try to repair and fix something and you will end up not satisfied with their kind of work.

That’s why instead of calling them up for repair, we rely on our gut feeling that we can fix things better than them. Some DIY techniques and styles we do more often than not is helpful while some are disappointing in the end. Others may be functional while others are totally of no use anymore!

Listed below are 24 engineers who somehow managed to fix some petty little repair issues in the house, car, garden etc. The result is hilarious. You may find some ideas and solution to your own home pesky problems, but I warn you to please take a little caution to avoid being disappointed in the end. Just enjoy how these so-called engineers proved that they are good at many things!

If you also find these ideas helpful, then you are free to adapt what they did. Just don’t do these at home when everybody is around, they might spoil your secret to others.

2: This simple couch fix

funny fixes 2


3: Why buy a new one, this works great

funny fixes 3

4: This is the next trend

funny fixes 4

5: The chair alone would tip this off

funny fixes 5

6: Spare tire? Spare tire

funny fixes 6


7: This works like a charm

funny fixes 7

8: There. i fixed it

funny fixes 8

9: Salvador Dali would be proud

funny fixes 9

10: Fixed, next please

funny fixes 10


11: What is that? a small plane wheel?!

funny fixes 11

12: As long is it rubber, it works

funny fixes 12

13: This is genius!

funny fixes 13

14: Portable ceiling fan

funny fix 14


15: But where is the screen?

funny fix 15

16: What’s wrong with this? Seems right

funny fix 16

17: I have to try this – seriously

funny fixes 17

18: The contractor forgot to install a wall light

funny fix 18

19: Just change the soap inside man, comeon!

funny fixe 19


20: A mirror is a mirror let it be

funny fix 20

21: Hello?! is anyone there?

funny fix 21

22: This looks dangerous

funny fix 22

23: Water puts out fire, end of story

funny fixes 23

24: As long as i’m safe…

funny fixes 24

Source: Imgur | Boredpanda



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