This Is The Most Terrifying Glass Slide On Top Of An LA Skyscraper

Most Terrifying Glass Slide

Image: Richard Vogel/AP

L.A. got a new attraction which will certainly boost your adrenalin levels. It has something to do with heights and it has something to do with sliding. Scared already, huh? So, what is it about: at the tallest building west of Mississippi river, a slide made of bulletproof glass has been set recently, at the height of nearly 1,000 feet!

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The slide is a part of OUE Skyspace LA, a rooftop observatory that gives visitors 360 views of the city at the top of the US Bank Tower. Once you get up there and are able to enjoy the spectacular view of the metropolis, you can spice up the whole experience by taking this crazy ride down 45 feet of bullet proof transparent glass. If you are not afraid of course and if you are willing to pay 25$ for four seconds of the slide. According to BBC, you shouldn’t worry that glass will break because the strength of the glass is enough to withstand hurricane winds and an earthquake. Nevertheless, according by some reactions of people who dared to try, there’s no shorter slide and greater fear.

Watch the video below to see how the slide looks like and try to sense the experience. Is this ride worth twenty-five bucks? Or would you skip it because it’s too scary for you?

Source: gizmodo