18 Pictures That Prove You Have NOT Missed Your Chance In Life

You Have NOT Missed Your Chance In Life (1)

Age is only a number, many people know this line, but only a few really live by it. A lot of people around the world reach the age of 30 and walk around with a feeling that they have failed in life because they didn’t get to live their dreams. Well, to those people i say don’t give up just yet. Most time in life it takes longer to really accomplish yourself and it’s literally never too late! Just work hard and chase your dreams and everything will fall into place. See some examples below to cheer you up and share this with a friend who needs to see this right now.

1: Oprah was fired from her job at age 23 – look at her now

You Have NOT Missed Your Chance In Life 3 (1)

2: Tina Fey worked at YMCA at age 23

dont give up 4 (1)

3: Stephen King worked as a janitor and lived in a trailer

dont give up 5 (1)

4: Vincent Van Gogh failed as a missionary

dont give up 6 (1)

5: J.K Rowling was a single mom living on welfare

dont give up 7 (1)

6: Wayne Coyne was a fry cook at age 28

dont give up 8 (1)

7: Harrison Ford was just a carpenter at age 30

dont give up 9 (1)

8: Until her 30’s, Martha Stewart was a stockbroker

dont give up 10 (1)

9: Ang Lee was a stay-at-home dad working odd jobs

dont give up 11 (1)

10: Julia Child Released her first cookbook at age 49

dont give up 12 (1)

11: Vera Wong Failed a lot, she only designed her first dress at age 40, think about that

dont give up 13 (1)

12: Stan Lee released his first big comic at age 40

dont give up 14 (1)

13: Alan Rickman switched careers at age 42 – to become an actor

dont give up 15 (1)

14: Samuel L Jackson didn’t get his first movie until he was 46

dont give up 16 (1)

15: Morgan Freeman only got his major movie role at age 52

dont give up 17 (1)

16: Kathryn Bigelow only reached international success at age 57

You Have NOT Missed Your Chance In Life (1)

17: Grandma Moses began her paintings career at age 76

dont give up 19 (1)

18: Louise Bourgeois became a famous artist only at age 78

You Have NOT Missed Your Chance In Life (1)

All these examples and more just prove that age is only a number, you can achieve your dreams at any time, just work hard to get them

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