Awesome House Looks Just Like The Millennium Falcon And Is Completely Carbon Neutral

The wonderful House shaped like the millennium falcon owned by Rod Perry stands with a lot of grace in the rainforest of Queensland Australia. If you are a Star Wars fan, then obviously you are going to love this dwelling that has been named as Alkira House which means bright and sunny.

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This 6 bedroom house was built in year 2009 and has been designed by Charles Wright a designer from Melbourne. The best aspect related with this house is that it’s completely carbon neutral and uses solar power for energy. It has been designed to act as environment friendly in the best possible manner.

Millennium Falcon house sits on a beautiful lake

House Looks Just Like The Millennium Falcon 2

Imagine living inside the epic millennium falcon, sounds pretty great right?

With indoor pool and living area surrounding it

House Looks Just Like The Millennium Falcon 3

Can you see the resemblance now?

Just look at that view, can’t get any better

house milenium falcon 4

One of the bedrooms

house milenium falcon 5

Ariel look at this unique house

house milenium falcon 6

Very remodelled kitchen with many working areas

house milenium falcon 7

Cooking for your family while they enjoy the pool

house milenium falcon 8

Huge bathrooms fitting for everyone

house milenium falcon 9

Specious toilets so your daily sittings will be nice

house milenium falcon 10

Eating area. Looks very cool and retro

House Looks Just Like The Millennium Falcon 11

Another look from above.

House Looks Just Like The Millennium Falcon

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