This Cat Hugs Sick Baby And Stays By His Side Every Day

Many people are worried when a newborn is on its way and a house is full of pets. How will they react? Are there going to be problems in accepting the new member of the family and is it possible pets could harm the baby in some way? Should i be worried?  This is a story about the baby Sonny who was greeted with great joy by the entire family of pets the moment he entered their home. Like it was expected, many pet owners can agree with that.

When Sonny first arrived home from the hospital the family’s dogs immediately became obsessive with the new member and bonded with him very quickly. Mia, the cat, liked to watch him from aside at the beginning and made sure there was nothing around to hurt him. As she was getting closer to the baby her protective instincts only started to grow. Kasey Boggs, Sonny and Mia’s mum, told The Dodo:

“In the last two weeks, Mia has developed a very strong love for Sonny.”

cat hugs sick baby (1)

“She loves watching all his little quirky movements, plays under his teepee with him and there hasn’t been a morning where Sonny hasn’t woken up to Mia.” It’s love at first sight

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They are always together now and cuddling all the time. Mia even senses when Sonny has a fever or when something is wrong. Kasey, Sonny and Mia’s mum, told:

“She went right for the place where he had gotten his shots on. When I picked him up out of his carrier, she was meowing at us and was on the bed before I could even lay him down. She laid with him all afternoon.”

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“She takes her role as the caregiver of the house very seriously. It’s what she lives for.”

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Photo credit: Instagram/88kncorbett

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