These Adorable Little Crochet Superheroes Will Save Your Day


If you haven’t heard of ” The Geeky Hooker ” you should. First let us say right off the bat, she is not that kind of hooker! So calm yourself, She is a hooker of the kind that can crochet the most glorious things. On her website, you can see almost every little creature she created or as she like to call them ” critters ” and all of them are just too cute to handle. She is a healthcare professional by day and a crochet ninja by night, and she loves to crochet superheroes or other comic book characters that look pretty amazing. Another cool thing she does is occasionally leaving her critters across town with cute notes telling people to adopt them and take care of them, this gives her a unique bond with her fans that in turn upload photos of adopted critters to her site. Below are some of her work and you can learn more about her in the following links: Website | Facebook | Twitter 



superheroes crochet 1


Batman with the Batman Symbol and Scarecrow

superheroes crochet 2


superheroes crochet 3

White Walker

superheroes crochet 4


superheroes crochet 5


Star lord

superheroes crochet 6


superheroes crochet 7

Everyone together

superheroes crochet 8

Source: Imgur, The Geeky Hooker


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