31 Silly Animals Licking Glass And Loving Every Second Of It

funny animals licking glass

Silly animals like to lick stuff. Garbage, trees, themselves and pretty much anything else that looks interesting. It’s in their nature. But by far the funniest thing they love to lick is glass. There is something in that transparent thing that makes them wanna stick their tongue on it. Maybe it’s the cold feeling they get from the glass, maybe it’s the texture, but for any reason it may be, it’s clear that animals love licking glass. In the collection below we have gathered 31 animals that couldn’t resist and lick the glass clean while looking pretty ridiculous while doing it. It is wonderful and highly entertaining to view these pictures os make sure to enjoy.

#1 I love this pic

silly animals licking glass


#2 This red fox looking pretty silly and mad licking the glass

silly animals licking glass2

#3 Cats join in the party and stick their tongue on there good

silly animals licking glass3

#4 Yummy yummy glass glass, why do they do it?

funny animals licking glass4

#5 Is that…is that a tiger?

funny animals licking glass5


#6 OMG so adorable! tiny hamster licking the glass

funny animals licking glass6

#7 Did you notice that cats tongues look like sand paper? This is why

funny animals licking glass7

#8 Looking so silly and obsessed

funny animals licking glass8

#9 Why is he mad though? Licking glass is fun, smile more

funny animals licking glass9


#10 The silliest dog picture with his tongue stuck on glass

funny pets licking glass10

#11 Foolish rabbit, thought he could taste the window

funny pets licking glass11

#12 “HI! HOW YOU DOIN!!”

funny pets licking glass12

#13 He knows what he’s doing, these cookies look so good i can’t blame him

funny pets licking glass13


#14 Obstacle ahead dude, what do you do? What do you do?!

funny animals licking glass14

#15 Yup, even this tiny lizard is doing it

hilarious animals licking glass16

#16 Lioness licking glass and looking badass while doing it

hilarious animals licking glass16

#17 Honestly, i also put my tongue on the window when it’s freezing, it’s fun

hilarious animals licking glass17

#18 I just love this pug, he looks so worried and cute

hilarious animals licking glass18


#19 ” If you don’t open this window right now i’m losing it!!”

hilarious animals licking glass19

#20 It’s freezing out, please let me in

funny animals licking windows 20

#21 Love this silly animal licking the window

funny animals licking windows 21

#22 Yesh, this closeup is not cool at all

funny animals licking windows 22

#23 Team work always pays off

funny animals licking windows 23

#24 Absurd animals trying to lick the food off the glass

funny animals licking windows 24

#25 You have a heart on your tongue, that’s amazing!

funny animals licking glass25

#26 ” I won’t stop until all the drops are clean “

silly animals licking glass26

#27 You better give this dog what he wants

funny animals licking glass26

#28 Not so much licking the glass as trying to eat it – hilarious!

funny animals licking glass27

#29 Oh look, there’s a little dog coming out of this huge tongue

silly animals licking glass28

#30 the last ridiculous animals licking windows, but it’s a good one

silly animals licking glass29

After looking at these silly animals trying to lick glass, i feel smarter and good about myself.