The 23 Funniest Roommate Pranks in The History of Pranks

Roommates can be often real pranks savages. If you ever had a roommate you’ve probably tasted unpleasantness of outrages sense for humor on your skin. But I guess that’s part of what makes living with a roommate a unique experience right?

Here we have a huge collection of really extreme examples of roommate pranks. Scroll down and just be happy your roommate didn’t go that far! And if he/she did, please share with us your experience in the comment section.

1. What do you do when you have a roommate who is afraid of crawling creatures, especially in the night?… You hide a fake insect inside of the living room lamp, of course!

roommate pranks 1 (1)

2. FIVE party poppers put to the inside of your bedroom door…Just imagine going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

roommate pranks 2 (1)

3. Room transformed into a croquet court… Hope the roommate enjoys playing croquet.

roommate pranks 3 (1)

4. That’s a lot of tin foil! This prankster really got serious about this one.

roommate jokes 4 (1)

5. When your roommate works in the movie theater.

roommate jokes 5 (1)

6. This brilliant person told their friend there was a “leek” in their bathroom to evoke a little fear…

roommate jokes 6 (1)

7. Airhorn at the front door… I feel so sorry for the unlucky roommate.

roommate jokes 7 (1)

8. Remeber the movie Home Alone… I bet this prankster was a huge fan.

roommate jokes 8

9. Ladybugs on the bed are fake but poor roommate didn’t know that when entering carelessly the room.

roommate jokes 9 (1)

10. This actually could be a pleasant surprise…

roommate stunts 10 (1)

11. If your roommate is afraid of the dark you don’t buy a lamp for the dark hallway…Nooo…

roommate stunts 11 (1)

12. It in the toilet which you’ll not be needing anymore after this.

roommate stunts 12 (1)

13. “Scare me as you may, but never take my snacks!”

roommate stunts 13 (1)

14. “Oh, so you think I’m going to clean for you? Well…!”

roommate stunts 14 (1)

15. Macaroni and cheese Kool-Aid doesn’t exactly sound like comfort food. “No one will ever ask me to do them a favor ever again.”

roommate stunts 15 (1)

16. Why leaving a note when you can leave thousands of them…

roommate stunts 16 (1)

17. Roommate turned their bedroom into a closet by installing new drywall… slow burn prank for a medal!

roommate stunts 17 (1)

18. Classic walk of shame prank

roommate stunts 18 (1)

19. Craving Ice cream but getting only ICE – Brutal!
roommate pranks 19 (1)

20. This is the evilest prank on this list

roommate pranks 20 (1)

21. The hot dog mistletoe joke

roommate pranks 21 (1)

22. Are you Chris? No? Keep reading

roommate pranks 22 (1)

23. This is a hilarious roommate prank

roommate pranks 23 (1)

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