This Horse Can Pull Off a Dashing Suit Better Than The Rest Of Us


suit horse 1

Emma Sandham-King has taken her greatest fashion challenge yet and proved every that “every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed” HORSE (?)!  That’s right. Sandham-King, best known as protege’ to Alexander McQueen, crafted the stylish suit to don the already dashing racehorse, Morestead.

The noble steed modeled the dapper 3 piece suit complete with flat cap and tie at this year’s Cheltenham Festival in London. She and her design team worked a full month crafting the suit using 18 meters of genuine harris tweed. All in all, thats about 10 times the amount of fabric used for the average human!   The suit was presented to Morestead’s jockey,  Tony McCoy.

suit horse 2

suit horse 3

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