Adorable Dog Was Born With No Eyes But Still Manages To Work As a Therapy Dog


It’s a known fact that Golden Retrievers are one of the most loving dog breeds in the world, and even though this dog was born without any eyes, Smiley the Golden Retriever is living up to its reputation.The gorgeous dog from Stouffville, Canada was adopted from a “scary” puppy mill by a local dog lover named ” Joanne George, George thought the best thing for this blind dog will be to pair him up with a deaf Great Dane named Tyler, and it is the best decision she ever made. Tyler was a bouncy and crazy happy dog so when Smiley met him, he grew up to be the same dog.

Smiley the blind dog

Smiley’s owner says she quickly noticed the positive effect he has on people

Smiley the blind dog2

Smiley the blind dog3

” He came out from underneath the table where he was always hiding” Once Smiley began interacting with people more and more, George realized how good at it he was. She started taking him to schools and local hospitals to cheer up the patients. There was one patient that the nursing staff said they never saw him smile or interact with people . That was until he saw Smiley, when Smiley got into his vision, he had a big smile on his face

Smiley the blind dog5

Sometimes Smiley run into things, but when he walks he does it very carefully

Smiley the blind dog6

People who came in contact with Smiley say they didn’t notice or quickly forgot about his disability. He takes high steps when he walks to feel around and “see” what is around him

Smiley the blind dog7

George says she taught Smiley to follow her voice, she also says it was important for him to work things out on his own.

Smiley the blind dog7

Not having eyes does not hold this dog back from doing the things he wants

Smiley the blind dog8

Source: Dailymail