Can You Solve All These Short Riddles Without Looking At The Answers?

When we are kids we solve all kinds of riddles, tasks and problems as part of elementary education. As we grow up we somehow lose the fun of solving riddles and working our brains, as adults most of the tasks we do are more complex but certainly more repetitive and connected just to one field. When did we lose our fun to try and solve things just for the fun of solving? We should not let our age tell us to stop enjoying the simple things.

We do not want our brains to get rusty, do we? So, it’s a good thing to put your brain into action and try to solve something that has nothing to do with your job or education… just good old riddles that kids enjoy solving. Oh, yes, I didn’t mention this yet, but these short riddles that you’re about to see in the gallery, are before all fun. So, what are we waiting for? let’s solve some short riddles!

P.S. try not to peek at the answers at the bottom before you give it a decent shot.

1. Remove two letters from the five to make four.

short riddles 1 (1)

2. I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

short riddles 2 (1)

3. What occurs once in the year, twice in the week, but never in a day?

short riddles 3 (1)

4. What tastes better than it smells?

short riddles 4 (1)

5. What gets harder to catch the faster you run?

short riddles 5 (1)

6. A slender body, a tiny eye, no matter what happens, I never cry. What am I?

short riddles 6 (1)

7. What is it? The more you take, the more you leave behind

short riddles 7 (1)





Do not peek if you didn’t give these short riddles a decent try



You promised!



Here are the answers to the short riddles

short riddles 8 (1)

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