Some Of The Best Photos From The #Sevendays Challenge. Seven Days, Seven Photographs That Show Your Life, No Explanations Only Pictures

How will your life look like in black and white pictures? No explanations, no messages, no people, just pictures of your everyday life as seen through your eyes, but in black and white… This is what a new social media trend is doing right now, it’s called the #sevendays Challenge.

People are passing it from one another to make and post black and white pictures of their everyday lives. There is no need of explaining those pictures and that’s what’s the most interesting thing. You have to post what you feel like posting, what you think defines your life. No need to think about what others will think of your photos. And, moreover, this way you can reevaluate your own life: does it look happy in black and white, too? If it does, then you’re a lucky guy. If it doesn’t, you need to think about it. At least, this is the meaning we’re giving to this trend.

“Seven days, seven photographs that show your life, no explanations only pictures. Challenge someone new each day. I challenge @X”. This is the “special formula” that introduces this trend. You post 7 black and white pictures of your life, one each day and each day you challenge someone else to do the same. We’ve selected a few examples for you below. To be honest, the photos look quite artsy. We love it. You? Are you going to share with us your #sevendays challenge? More info: Instagram

seven days challange 1 (1)

Photo by: Karin Mulling


seven days challange 2 (1) Photo by: Nico Bronsseven days challange 4 (1) Photo by: Виктория Кириловаseven days challange 5 (1) Photo by: Ден и Нощseven days challange 6 (1) Photo by: Nico Brons


seven days challange 7 (1) Photo by: T Foster Bryant seven days challange 8 (1) Photo by: Вяра ‘Рохерин’ Крушковаseven days challange 9 (1) Photo by: Omijori Tola Tseven days challange 10 (1) Photo by: Lekan Komolafe


seven days challange 11 (1) Photo by: Neil Gardenseven days challange 12 (1) Photo by: Sunday Gallagher-Strangeseven days challange 13 (1) Photo by: Willow Sticksseven days challange 14 (1) Photo by: Donna Blackseven days challange 15 (1) Photo by: Yashesh Vegal


seven days challange 16 (1) Photo by: Mario Bassoseven days challange 17 (1)Photo by: Yuval Aloni


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