The Most Beautiful Cat Pictures I Ever Saw Captured By Seiji Mamiya


Ancient Egyptians used to worship cats, and if the internet has shown us anything it’s that that hasn’t really changed. It feels like you can never log onto social media without seeing page after page of cat videos, beautiful cat pictures or other photographs and memes that aim to tug at our heart-strings or make us laugh. Supremely talented photographer Seiji Mamiya has captured these breathtaking pictures of feline friends to portray them in the majestic and even downright regal manner that serves to remind us that we have never stopped worshiping these feisty four-legged creatures.

All cats have their own unique personality, which isn’t tough to capture in a frame. But what sets Mamiya’s work apart from the run-of-the-mill cat pics that we see every time we log onto Facebook is the obvious respect-and even reverence-that the photographer has for his subjects. Each of these depictions use gentle light and expert angles to create a scene unlike the ordinary. While he perfectly displays the cuteness of each feline, Mamiya ventures beyond the “aww” factor to create impressive portraits that will leave a long-lasting impression.

In fact, his work is so well-loved that it has received rave reviews as a book (which you can buy here). This collection of stunning cat portraits is sure to be the perfect addition to any coffee table.

You won’t see cats playing with string or rolling around, tripping on catnip. Mamiya’s work takes an entirely different approach in embracing the natural wonders and sophistication of these creatures. Look at these photos of these beloved animals as they stretch, jump and even clean themselves-all in the presence of glowing natural light that reacquaints us with the fact that cats are not just domesticated buddies. They’re wondrous works of nature.

To view more of Mamiya’s beautiful cat pictures or other work, check out the artist’s 500x portfolio. There is no shortage of delightful cat portraits to feast your eyes on.

1. Among this list of beautiful cat pictures you can expect to see these sort of pictures.

beautiful cat pictures 1 (1)


2. Cleaning himself suddenly looks so beautiful

beautiful cat pictures 2 (1)

3. Having some sun fun time

beautiful kitten pictures 3 (1)

4. What is going on here?

beautiful kitten pictures 4 (1)

5. This cat looks more like a lion than a kitten

beautiful kitten pictures 5 (1)


6. Playing with the natural light to capture these stunning feline pictures

beautiful kitten pictures 6 (1)

7. Nose diving into the lake? Maybe

beautiful kitten pictures 7 (1)

8. Seiji Mamiya is an expert of light manipulation

stunning cat pictures 8 (1)

9. Just having some fun

stunning cat pictures 9 (1)


10. You already got a good idea what this gallery of beautiful cat pictures is all about. Keep scrolling for more…

stunning cat pictures 10 (1)

11. Watching the sunset

stunning cat pictures 11 (1)

12. Bright and beautiful

stunning cat pictures 12 (1)

13. It’s no secret that cats really love the sun

beautiful cat photos 13 (1)


14. How did he make the cat jump so high? Trade secrets i guess

beautiful cat photos 14 (1)

15. Just strolling the fields looking for something to do

beautiful cat photos 15 (1)

16. This cat looks like a professional model

beautiful cat photos 16 (1)

17. Best friends forever?

beautiful cat photos 17 (1)

18. Deep thoughts occupy this cat’s mind

beautiful cat photos 18 (1)


19. Meeting new friends in the garden

beautiful cat pictures 19 (1)

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