Transparent Toaster Will End Your Breakfast Frustration Over A Burned Bread


see through toaster 1

Are you tired of serving slightly burned and toasted bread for breakfast? Well, your breakfast dilemma will end today with this latest concept of a standard kitchen appliance designed by James Stumpf who turned a normal everyday toaster to an unorthodox yet beautiful design for a more convenient and durable use. He changed a traditional plain metal box into a more stylish and see-through bamboo-made transparent toaster. This kitchen appliance uses quick-cooling coil confined within a glass toasting trays which gives you the benefit to watch over your bread while toasting and save it before it burns completely.

With Stumpf’s latest design of transparent toaster, he stripped off the pop-up mechanism feature of a conventional toaster and replaced it with the modern and digital touch screen slot that will allow you to get your food when it’s well tosted.

Stumpf assumes this product to be durable and defendable because its materials are eco-friendly and uses a minimal amount of metal. So if you think you need this product, you better decide to have this in your house to save time and effort and to spare you from frustrations.

see through toaster 2

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James Stumpf: website

Source: MyModernMet



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