These Satirical Paintings Of Religious Persons Taking a Selfie Is Just Holy


A young Azerbaijani illustrator and painter named Gunduz Aghayev created this unique series of religious figures from all over the world taking a selfie in very specific moments. If it’s the Jihad taking a selfie just before executing his hostage or the pope snapping a photo while a young girl is at his knees, it’s clear that this artist is trying to raise awareness that there is something not quite right with how we accept certain behaviours just because they are ” protected ” behind the big wall of religion. In some cases, some might say religion can give us faith and security, but it can also blind us and use us to its own will. We guess you can look at it through many perspectives and that is exactly the beauty of art. Check out his Facebook page for more info

holy selfie 1

holy selfie 2

holy selfie 3

holy selfie 4

holy selfie 5

holy selfie 6

holy selfie 7

holy selfie 8