These Satirical Evolution Cartoons Will Make You Question Human Progress


That Darwin dude that’s been going around telling everybody that they came from the apes, may not be the most charming person at the party, but certainly very few dared to argue his theory. Charles Darwin’s Theory of evolution has been intriguing scientific community for over a century, but it affected a much broader audience, too. Many artists use the famous graphic representation of this theory in their own way to point out some of their theories, mostly with humorous and satirical effect.

In the gallery below you can see a collection of some of the best Evolution Cartoons of this kind that can be found on the Internet, and most of them are raising a question – If we all came from apes, where are we going now?! Check out the gallery and share with us your thoughts.

1: This is evolution in a nutshell – hence the name Evolution Cartoons

evolution cartoons 2

Image source: Dan Piraro


2: The evolution of mobile devices

funny evolutions 3

Image source: Joe Marsh

3: We are all just consumers – turning into barcodes slowly but surely

funny evolution 4

Image source: Amjad Rasmi

4: Evolution cartoons of our underwear over the years

funny evolution 5

Image source:

5: The evolution of god

evolution cartoons 6

Image source: SDunne17


6: The evolution of the parasite

funny evolution 7

Image source:

7: The evolution of modern humans from the neanderthals to being addicted to technology

funny evolution 8

Image source: f@temeh

8: Nope, Go back everyone, we totally fu*ked up everything

funny evolution 9

Image source: Winchel Yu

9: We move forward but eventually we could move to far and things will get weird

funny evolutions 10

Image source: bycentaur


10: The evolution of the photographer portrait in funny cartoon evolution illustrations

funny evolutions 11

Image source: photogsomething

11: The evolution of writing

funny evolutions 12

Image source: Liz Meyer

12: The evolution of men featured with LEGO

evolution cartoons 13

Image source: Glenn Jones

13: The evolution of greed or being a pig

funny evolutions 14

Image source: daneatsfood


14: The evolution of the Homersapien

funny evolution 15

Image source: Gumby507

15: The evolution of communication

evolution cartoons 16

Image source: Mike Keefe

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