Watch The Adorable Moment Rescued Baby Orangutans Meet For The First Time


The miracle of love once again showed its power to those who want to see it. This baby orangutan was found in a state of near death, in mummified shape, in a soaked cardboard box just a couple of months ago. After it received necessary care and love, it recovered completely and recently, for the first time in its life, was introduced to a friend of its kind, another baby orangutan. The meeting was really heartwarming and full of gentleness as you can see in the photos below.

rescued baby orangutans 1

rescued baby orangutans 2

Captured at the International Animal Rescue clinic, Gito is giving Aoka the big kiss.

rescued baby orangutan 3

rescued baby orangutan 4

This is rescued Gito, just two months after he was found lying in the cardboard box almost dead; looking happy and healthy, just a little bit hairless.

rescued baby orangutan 5 rescued baby orangutan 6

rescued baby orangutan 7 rescued baby orangutan 8

Gito the orangutan was discovered by British charity International Animal Rescue, back in October in the village of Hamlet Giet in Simpang Hulu district, 105 miles from the orangutan rehabilitation base.

The state he was back then was heartbreaking; corpse like small body with its arms and legs crossed like holding tightly to itself. It was obvious that there was not much life left in this little fellow.

rescued baby orangutan 9

rescued baby orangutan 10

He was kept in a cardboard box sodden with urine and fed entirely on condensed milk, which resulted in dehydration and being malnourished.

rescued baby orangutans 11

rescued baby orangutans 12

But it took just two months of professional care and love by people from International Animal Rescue for Gito to be a healthy and happy orangutan baby he is today, ready to make more friends, human or orangutan, doesn’t matter as long as love is around.

Source: Dailymail