The Popular Raccoon Cotton Candy Video That Got Everyone Laughing And Feeling For This Little Guy

raccoon cotton candy feat

Adorable video of a raccoon trying to wash cotton candy, with no success, of course, has been appearing all over the Internet recently causing an avalanche of reactions. The origin of the video is a Japanese TV show and you can check it out right below. There’s just something hilarious about this raccoon and cotton candy. Watch and let us know what you think.

Mysteriously the cotton candy appeared in the raccoon’s cage in the Zoo.

raccoon cotton candy 2


It is well known that raccoons wash their food before they eat it, so the raccoon planned to do the same with a sweet treat it discovered in the cage.

raccoon cotton candy 3

He took it very carefully and was delighted with his finding…

raccoon cotton candy 4

…and put the cotton candy in the water where it quickly disappeared, of course! Man, someone made an evil plan and involved this poor innocent raccoon!

raccoon cotton candy 5

Just look at that confused adorable face – What just happened?! Where is my sweet cotton candy!?

raccoon cotton candy

If you watched the raccoon cotton candy video till the end you know the raccoon got the cotton candy and ate it at the end. In the meantime he made a lot of people laugh with his cute reactions. Share the post with your friends to make them laugh too.

H/T: YouTube