Powerful Dance Portraits Capture The Elegance Of The Human Body


Photographer Alexander Yakovlev has truly captured the essence and strength of the dancers in the photographs. The powerful pictures are apart of his new series titled The Mirages. He captures dancers mid-pose as all their limbs are extended as they dance. He also includes a new, neat concept where he puts flour on the ground and has the dancer moves among it and pick it up and throw it around. It creates a clean composition and really accentuates the dancers by contrasting with the background.

The pictures are incredibly powerful and really showcases the true talent of the dancers. More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

dance portrait 1

dance portrait 2

powerful dance portrait 3

powerful dance portrait 4

powerful dance portrait 5

powerful dance portrait 6

dance portrait 7

dance portrait 8

dance portraits 9

dance portrait 10

powerful dance portrait 11

powerful dance portrait 12

powerful dance portrait 13

powerful dance portrait 14

powerful dance portrait 15

powerful dance portrait 16

powerful dance portraits 17

dance portraits 18

dance portraits 19

Source: MyModernMet



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