Pitbull Is Not Amused When He Gets Broccoli As Treat, Watch His Epic Reaction


Broccoli? NOPE!

Pitbull Is Not Amused When He Gets Broccoli

This is what happens when you try to pull one on your dog, he is not amused and not falling for your shit. Dogs are smart animals, and this owner tried to trick his Pitbull into eating broccoli by throwing him a few delicious dog treat before, but the dog immediately noticed that what he caught with his mouth was in fact, broccoli, so he did the only logical thing any normal dog would do. He spit it out as to say ” really? Brocoli?! Do you not love me at all?! ”

We love this dog, he stands for what he believes in and not taking any shi* from no one. Watch the hilarious video below:

Source: Barkpost