This is What a Pirate Ship Room Looks Like and I want One

I always had a dream as a kid to turn my bedroom in to a pirate ship room. I guess many kids do and some even try, it’s very common, what’s more cool than a pirate? Well, in this article you get to see the real thing as a designer turned an ordinary room into a dream like pirate ship room.

Architecture and design have always amazed people as they have no end in the ways you can combine them. With the advancement of time, we can all take a guess that the houses are becoming more artistic.

Steve Kuhl is a designer that was requested to complete a room based on a certain theme. He had to choose from making a bedroom look like a race car, space ship, a castle, or a pirate ship.

And you will soon realize that Steve’s decision is the best one he could make. He chose to create a pirate ship bedroom that looks like a real pirate ship.

The structure of the room is unbelievable. The designer placed a miniature pirate ship gliding on the wall. Doesn’t get any closer to real than this.

The designer utilized 2X12 ribs to create the shape of the miniature boat. Then he covered the wooden ribs with half of an inch of pressed wood to go about as the planking.

The boat’s frame was created to mimic a real pirate ship as much as possible. This was done by using a mixture of mortar and epoxy.

Here’s Steve Kuhl taking us on a tour in the pirate ship room:

2×12 ribs were used to built this pirate ship room and ship on the wall

steve kuhl pirate ship room
The designer got to choose from 3 choices: Race car, pirate ship room and a space ship. We glad he went with this choice

There is a bridge to climb the ship

pirate ship room
The parents requested the designer made sure this room will be one of a kind

But that is not the end of the design. Steve wanted to make a one of a kind bedroom that no other had. This was also the request of the parents he was building the room for.

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The parents wanted a unique room for their beloved son. So that is exactly what the designer did. Apart from putting a gliding pirate ship in the room, he also added a small rope bridge that connects the ship with a miniature jail cell.

You can go from the deck of the ship to the jail cell.

pirate ship room
How often do you see a real pirate jail in a kid’s bedroom

Well, I have told you that this is not the average bedroom. If these bedroom features did not excite you enough then this feature will. This pirate ship room has a spiral slide that sends you to the other side of the house in style.

Otherwise than that the room is made out of wood to resemble a pirate ship as much as possible. The walls of the room are painted sky blue and with some clouds here and there. This room is definitely one of a kind.

This is what you see when you stand at the front door to this pirate ship room

Jail cell inside pirate ship room
Very impressive right from the first look

The rope bridge leading to the ship deck

rope bridge inside the room themed like a pirate ship
How would you sleep in this room, I would just play for hours

On the main deck

pirate ship themed room
Was made to resemble a real pirate ship as much as possible

The rope goes all the way down to the closet below

pirate themed room - main deck
When you need a quick wardrobe change, just slide down

How it looks looking up from the closet

pirate ship room - rope
You can climb that rope a few times each morning to get your fit on

The designer behind this pirate ship room: Steve Kuhl

pirate ship bedroom design - the designer steve kuhl
We think he designed this room as he always wanted.

An actual slide to take you to the lower floor of the house

pirate ship bedroom - slider
The designer held nothing back with this pirate ship room design, and created a slide

Even the parents enjoy sliding down

pirate ship bedroom - slide
The slide is big enough so that the parents can enjoy it as well

This is where you end up sliding down

pirate ship room - sliding down
Looks so much fun, I want to try it myself

Here is the slide floor plan design

pirate ship room - floor plans
You can see it takes you to the down stairs hallway

Visit Steve Kuhl website for more info on the designer and learn more about the man who designed this pirate ship room

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