22 Creative kids room themes ideas To Release That Inner Child

Do you still remember the room where you grew up? Did it have a Narnia wardrobe? Or a Spaceship Captain’s Console? No? Well, e time and also, grow. From pirates to cars, to Narnia or different cartoons characters, he needs a whole new world rebuilt in his room. Below, you’ll find 22 ideas to how to do that.

You can start by building an indoor treehouse and also add a lot of bright, colorful artwork on the walls. Or, you can turn the whole room into a spaceship’s control room and have the little one dream about the stars and all the galaxies he can travel to. And maybe one day, he will, who knows?

Also, if your child is especially interested in fairy-tells. He likes them and tells them, as well, why not turn his room into a Fairy-Tale Nursery? This way he will be closer to the environment and the world he dreams of and thus develop his creativity and trust his dreams.

Why not turn the whole room into a circus site? Make him feel happy to be around the circus animals and the daring tricks that all the circus men are performing. This way, the child’s confidence might grow and also, you might make him understand the burden the captive animals feel.

But we let you discover for yourself the 22 ideas of how to decorate your kids’ bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Pirate ship room kids room themes ideas

kids room themes 1 (1) kids room themes 2 (1) kids room themes 3

2. Calvin and Hobbes style Bedroom

kids room themes 4 (1)

3. Chronicles Of Narnia Closet and room theme

kids room ideas 5 (1) kids room ideas 6 (1) kids room ideas 7

4. Build a personal teepee tent in your kids’ room

kids room ideas 8 (1)

5. Console space of a spaceship

kids room ideas 9 kids room ideas 10 (1)

6. Tree house in your bedroom? YES PLEASE

kids room ideas 11 kids room ideas 12 (1)

7. Secret entrance to a play room. How cool is that

kids room ideas 13 (1)

8. Another secret theme, this time a tree house

kids room ideas 14

9. A house inside a house

kids room ideas 15

10. Nursery for your kid’s dreams

kids room designs 16 (1)

11. Captain of the ship bedroom theme idea

kids room designs 17 (1)

12. Cool adventure tree house

kids room designs 18

13. Circus bedroom idea

kids room designs 19 (1)

14. This is a really detailed kids room themes ideas piece. Princess with carriage

kids room designs 20 (1)

15. This time a captain of the ship lookout design

kids room designs 21 (1) kids room themes 22

16. A wonderland bedroom design

kids room designs 23 (1)

17. Speedy car and garage design theme

kids room designs 24

18. Mario tubes? Could be

kids room designs 25

19. Almost real size basketball court

kids room designs 26

20. Shipyard bedroom theme idea

kids room designs 27 (1)

21. Super Mario bros theme

kids room designs 28 (1)

22. All white theme to get really dirty

kids room themes 29 (1) kids room themes 30 (1) kids room themes 31 (1)

If these kids room themes didn’t gave you an idea on how to design your room, nothing will

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