19 Pictures Of Otters That Prove They’re Really Just Big Babies

Otters or Otter is the name for a carnivorous mammal in the subfamily Lutrinae. There are 13 different otter species and they are all semiaquatic, aquatic or marine. The otters eat mainly fish. here are some interesting facts about the otters:

  • Otters have the thickest fur among mammals in the animal kingdom. Their fur can have up to one million hairs per square inch. They also have two layers of coat.
  • When you a see a group of otters together it’s called ” romp, or bevy.” Otters in groups have a lot of nicknames.
  • Otters love to play, and one of the their favorite game is just sliding on rocks like little kids.

There are a lot of other interesting facts about otters, but you came here for the pictures, so below is the gallery of pictures of otters. Enjoy

Pictures of otters #1 Otters love to play

pictures of otters 1

2: Let’s play a game.

otters 2

3: Snapchat me like this! Comeon!

otters 3

4: Hey all! How you doin?

otters 4

5: Baby otters might just be cuter than puppies ( i dared to say it )

otters 5

6: Picture of an otter chilin

otters 6

7: Fine by me

otters 7

8: I AM Fabulous!

otters 8

9: What, it’s lunch time

pictures of otters 9

10: ” No paparazzi please! ” Otter probably

otters 10

11: Happy family of otters

otters 11

12: Amazing shot of an otter catching food

otters 12

13: Why is there a leash on him? Seriously just noticed this *angry face

otters 13

14: Ice Ice Otter, Ta na na ta na na na Ice Ice otter

otters 14

15: Baby otters people, it’s where it’s at

pictures of otters 15

Pictures of otters #16 This guy seems a little bit Confused

otters 16

17: Otters and skinks? Really?

otters 17

18: I guess love really does win

otters 18

19: Or maybe this otter is trying to signal for help

pictures of otters 19

Source: Imgur

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