37 Funny Instagram Posts That Will Make You Love The Internet Again

You can find some of the funniest memes on the internet created by regular people like you and me. Some of them are just outright hilarious and others try, but fail miserably. But this is exactly what makes this virtual world so great. You get to see creations by people from all over the world, some of them are bad sure, by most of the time, they are really good!

Let’s take a look at this list of funny Instagram posts and see which ones are actually funny and which ones missed the mark.

1. Ah, The Office. It’s hard to mess up a joke when using screen shots from this show. Nobody is a better butt of the joke than Kevin. In this case, life is the joke. Kevin is the butt.

funny instagram posts 1

2. I don’t think I’m old or out of touch but can someone please explain “swag” to me, as if I’m their grandma? I don’t get.

funny instagram pictures 2

3. If I were your nana in the hospital and you threw money at me, I would look as confused as this lady does. Are you making it rain to impress me with all the cash you have or are you planning on paying my medical bills with all this dough?

funny instagram posts 3

4. Aw, this is cute. This is the average preteen boy before he hits puberty and becomes awkward and squeaky.

funny instagram posts 4

Funny Instagram posts #5 I don’t get it. Do you have your phone stolen a lot? If that’s the case, you’re a bad phone owner and should have it taken away anyway.

funny instagram posts 5

6. This is me. Yeah, I’m ready. Let me just shower, brush my teeth, put my makeup on and feed the cat real quick…

funny instagram posts 6

7. And then they realize what you’re doing and insist you finish the story and then suddenly you’re grounded.

funny instagram posts 7

8. Making plans in group chat is impossible. This speaks to me on a deep level.

funny instagram posts 8

9. You can’t get dope electronics at amazing prices at the gym. All you get is tired and sweaty.

funny instagram pictures 9

10. This makes me laugh but it also makes me angry. Just eat the food!

funny instagram images 10

11. Yeah, but he’s rich so…

funny instagram images 11

12. The human body can last a pretty long time without food, I’m good.

funny instagram posts 12

13. Them mom jeans tho.

funny instagram posts 13

14. Makes me want to throw my phone into the ocean.

funny instagram pictures 14

15. Such a sad life.

funny instagram posts 15

16. I totally agree, babies are talentless hacks.

funny instagram post 16

17. This one speaks for itself.

funny instagram posts 17

18. This is genius, I need to own one of these shirts.

funny instagram pictures 18

19. Yes you are, Amith. You are a legend.

funny instagram posts 19

20. Every time.

funny instagram posts 20

21. Poor Bruce. Nobody likes you.

funny instagram posts 21

22. Where did they find a picture of my parents?

funny instagram pictures 22

23. Go to McDonald’s. Problem solved.

funny instagram posts 23

24. Mine looks at me like this all the time. Judgemental brat.

funny instagram pictures 24

25. I mean… They’re not wrong.

funny instagram posts 25

26. This isn’t as much funny as it is a nice gesture to the people that don’t think you’re a total bore.

funny instagram pictures 26

27. But does he drink the wine and eat the cheese after?

funny instagram posts 27

28. I’m a woman and this is accurate.

funny instagram pictures 28

29. I have no words…

funny instagram posts 29

30. Then what is it?

funny instagram pictures 30

31. Whatever happened to that guy?

funny instagram pictures 31

32. Not so smooth criminal.

funny instagram posts 32

33. This is exactly why I don’t work in retail anymore.

funny instagram pictures 33

34. Somebody needs a nap.

funny instagram pictures 34

35. Instagram: Home of food porn.

funny instagram posts 35

36. I kinda feel like people just don’t understand how the internet works in relation to the law.

funny instagram posts 36

37. Face it, your day is ruined.

funny instagram posts 37

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