Photographer Captures Stunning Photos Of The Milky Way Reflection At The Worlds Largest Salt Flat


Have you ever traveled far enough away from the lights of the city to admire the beauty of the true night sky? Without light pollution to ruin the view, you can see more stars than you could imagine. Here are some photos by Russian photographer David Kordan of the Milky Way, reflected against the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia. “There are not so many places in the world where you can enjoy absolute dark sky,” David said.

At Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the altitude is so high that it took Kordan five days to get acclimated, but it was worth the struggle to get these incredible shots. In these pictures, it’s hard to tell where the galaxy starts and the earth begins. Kordan described the sights he captured as “space on earth.” “It seemed that we floated in open space.” Kordan said “Our spaceship is parked in a distance, and stars are blinking with blue, red and yellow colors. You stand in the deep night with stars above you, aside from you and underneath!” Next, Kordan says he’s on his way to the Faroe islands and Greenland to guide photo workshops that teach how to capture amazing photos like these.

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Source: MyModernMet