One Hospital Takes Mammal Care To The Next Level


There are a few animal lovers in Australia who care. They nurse sick bats to health in a hospital especially created for the mammals.

bat hospital 6


They treat them like infants while they are sick.

bat hospital 7

And release them into the wild when they are ready.

bat hospital 8

Anyone who visits the hospital can see the passion that these workers possess.

bat hospital 9

They make these bats feel at home.

bat hospital 10


And help them make new friends.

bat hospital 11

The bats even let off a bit of emotion. Is that a smile we see?

bat hospital 12

The mammals certainly enjoy the luxury treatment given.

bat hospital 13

They even pose for pictures when prompted.

bat hospital 14


And thoroughly enjoy being treated like babies.

bat hospital 15

Just look at these little ones!

bat hospital 16

Learn more about the Tolga Bat hospital here.

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