New Venom Trailer is Here And It’s So Venom It’s Epic


Have you seen the new Venom trailer? It is full of action and full of Venom, of course, not like the first teaser in which we only had a lot of Tom Hardy and no Venom. Sony’s new movie is going to be out on October 5th and it doesn’t cross over with the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. It just stays in the safe zone of Sony’s Marvel Universe. Complicated, right?

Well, for those of you who are catching up, Marvel have just revived the Spider-Man movies and now Sony is giving it a shot with a stand-alone movie in collaboration with Marvel. One of the most famous villains from Spider-Man’s world, Venom is brought to life on the big screen by Tom Hardy in what seems to be an action-packed film about an antihero set to do some heroic stuff if kept under control. Sony seems a little desperate for Venom to go well as their past Spider-Man films were terrible and had to look to Marvel for a revival. Now, they are trying to make another Spider-Man series, but without Spider-Man. They are launching a film with a character who basically exists because of Spider-Man. How are they going to pull that off, we shall see.

From the trailer, we see the birth of Venom and we don’t really get it if it is going to be a super-villain or a hero. So far, from the trailer, we get it that the movie is tip-toeing around the idea of a hero fighting his own demons and, apart from all the heroes, he’s got the most demons, like literally, if you know what I mean. What do you think when watching the trailer? Will it be a great one or just another one of Sony’s attempts to bring a Spider-Man related movie back to life?

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