French Baker Reveals Her Secret Leopard Milk Bread Recipe


Leopard Milk Bread 1

Have you been looking for a kind of bread or cake that will gratify not just your taste buds but your eyes as well? Do you prefer to try something classic but very interesting? Well, prepare yourself to be filled and satisfied with a very delectable treat known as Leopard Milk Bread from a French baker named Patricia Nascimento who is based in Southern Portugal. This amazing treat’s secret ingredients and recipe has finally been revealed for others to give it a try on their own convenience.

For the procedure on how to make this awesome leopard milk bread, you basically need to make a batch of vanilla dough and another batch of chocolate dough. Put the chocolate dough in the chiller and then roll it on cylinders. After that, wrap it in vanilla dough. After allowing it to expand, then it’s time to put it into the oven, After a few more minutes, you can finally enjoy this leopard milk bread. For a more tasty and nutritious treat, Nascimento suggested to eat this bread with Nutella.

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