Jason Ratliff Creates Super Shadows From Ordinary Folks

” I create illustrations with a light dose of whimsy, a mixture of acrylic and ink, and a wide variety of surfaces ” These are the own words of designer and illustrator Jason Ratliff  about his series ” Supr Shadows “. His work is unique because he has the ability to transform even long dark shadows into something interesting and visual and in this case, into superheros. The most unique thing that you can find in this series in my opinion is the fact that he combines traditional and very detailed illustrations with abstract mosaic silhouettes. Musicians, eldar folks and animals are being awarded an interesting shadow figure with bold colors. Ratliff’s work is so good and popular, that  he turned some of the illustrations into prints, iPhone covers and t-shirts. More info: Website | Instagram

Jason Ratliff 1

Jason Ratliff 2

Jason Ratliff 3

super shadows 4

Jason Ratliff 5

super shadows 6

super shadows 7

super shadows 8

super shadows 9

Jason Ratliff 10

Source: Imgur

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