Instagrammer Shares Artisanal Parisian Desserts In A Virtual Bakery

weird looking desserts 1
Delectable desserts are extremely tempting especially when it is presented in a very unique yet enticing manner. Graphic designer and chef pâtissier Tal Spiegel  did a very impressive arrangements of desserts he prepared combines his two fascinations into one mouthwatering, incredible Instagram account. His photo series named Desserted In Paris comprises individually and specially made pastries that will make you think twice whether you’ll have a little bite of such treats or you will retain such an impressive workpiece. If you notice, each photo he features is accompanied by various  shoe color and design. Spiegel intended to incorporate his shoes to make it more personalized since he is undoubtedly fascinated with shoes. “There is a natural connection between the colorfulness [sic] of desserts and shoes, and this is a project I just cant stop creating!” the artist writes. When put together, these virtually amazing subjects will become one of the few reasons you should travel to Paris. Above: Bleu Blanc Rouge Éclair from Fauchon

weird looking desserts 2

Hokusaï éclair from Fauchon

weird looking desserts 3

Lily Valley from Carl Marletti

weird looking desserts 4

Lemon Sun from Lenôtre

weird looking desserts 5

Mona Liza Éclair from Fauchon

weird looking desserts 6

Lemon Meringue Tart from Un Dimanche À Paris

weird looking desserts 7

Deésiré Lime and Wild Strawberries from Pierre Herme

weird looking desserts 8

Meringue Raspberry Cute Miniature from Les Fées Patissières

weird looking desserts 9

Tart Citron from Mori Yoshida

weird looking desserts 10

Eclair de Genie’s Barlette with Raspberries and Orange Flower from L’ Eclair de Génie

weird looking desserts 11

Chocolate Tonka Cake from Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

weird looking desserts 12

Equinoxe from La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac

weird looking desserts 13

Chou Fraise from Fauchon

weird looking desserts 14

Fall-flavored “Beige” from Mori Yoshida

weird looking desserts 15

Carrot Orange Tart from Carl Marlett

weird looking desserts 16

Tal Spiegel: Instagramvia [Design TAXI] Source: MyModernMet



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