Buy Your Very Own Adult-Sized Little Tikes Car At eBay

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Some of us just never grow up, or at least try hard to save the child we once were as long as possible. But if you have neglected this important side of your personality for some reason, here’s a way to get in touch with it again. The kid in you will be thrilled to try an adult-size version of  kid’s toy, for sure. Two brothers from U.K. cherished the memory of a good time they had around the neighbourhood in foot-powered Little Tikes car and now they’ve made a roadworthy version of it.

tikes car for adults 2

John Bitmead and his brother, Geof, first invented the “Big Tikes” vehicle in 2013. It cost them about 6.000 $, according to the BBC.

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It has most of the functions that regular vehicle has, and the fastest speed it can achieve is 70mph.

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And, what you wanted to read from the start of this article, it’s available for sale on eBay and you can get one for your inner kid for £21,500 or around $33,000.

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Some had a happy childhood.

tikes car for adults 6

And the luckiest of all don’t have to grow up.

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Source: Buzzfeed


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