This Instagram Profile Is Not Cute, It’s Hedgehog Cute


Cats and dogs are said to have taken their highest peak of popularity when we talk about pets and domestic creatures that are closest to the human heart. But let me wake up those who are asleep and day dreaming, that they are the cutest and the cuddliest of all, because they’re not!

Let’s give way to the newest and strangest pet to adore, the hedgehog! This spiky little animal that has hard spines on its back and can roll itself into a ball when threatened is now the newest trend in an Instagram account.

This Instagram account, ‘Hedgehographer’ records the daily adventures of the two hedgehog playing together and enjoying every bit of popularity they have. These two spiky creatures, somehow know that they are being photographed. Photos of the two playing in some objects like figurines, mug, food as if they are having a photoshoot.

They seem to enjoy the moment they have and does not have a problem taking selfies! Just be careful, because they might use their spines against you and you would never want that to happen, so be cautious!

See some of the adventure these hedgehog have here.