Jaden Smith Is Now One Of The World’s First Model X Owners


Are you waiting to be the proud owner of a Tesla model X? Well, stand back because Young Jaden smith just beat you out. This 17 year old got the key to his priceless car delivered this week. Even though it will be months before the first ones are to be delivered, Jaden is sure to get his first.

This SUV will not even be available until late 2016, but the “legend’s” son has his already paid for. This anxiously awaited model boasts 257 miles per battery charge and will cost about $130,000. Anyone would be thrilled to own this bad boy. You want to try for the P90D version that comes equipped with Ludicrous Mode.

Imagine shooting from zero to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds in this massive seven-seater. Whatever package Jaden got, he can still hit 140nmph like he’s sitting still.  All in all, this beauty guarantees that he can fly down the road listening to his favorite tunes while the world flies by! Check out the images below:

tesla Model X 1

tesla Model X 2

tesla Model X 3

Model X 4

 Model X 5

 Model X 6

tesla Model X 7

tesla Model X 8
Source: carbuzz