24 Hot Dogs Or Legs Pictures That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

I am so happy I found out about the hot dogs legs Tumblr blog. It post pictures of what seems like two legs sunbathing on the beach, by the pool or wherever, but the kicker is, sometimes they replace the legs with hot dogs! Can you spot which ones are hot dogs or legs? This became a very popular viral game people play online and we want to join the party.

To be honest, we had a hard time figuring out some of these photos because they played it so good, it’s ridiculous how a pair of hot dogs can look so much like a pair of human legs with the right light and camera angle. Check out the gallery below of some of the funniest hot dogs or legs pictures and let’s see if you can pick up which is which.

1. Hot dogs or legs at the beach, what say you?

hot dogs or legs 1 (1)

2. The reflection gives it away

hot dogs or legs 2 (1)

3. Pour some ketchup on me!

hot dogs or legs 3 (1)

4. Hot dogs or legs?

hot dogs legs 4 (1)

5. 100% these are a girl’s legs

hot dogs legs 5 (1)

6. By the pool

hot dogs legs 6 (1)

7. Crisp

hot dogs legs 7 (1)

8. Getting a little bit sun burned are we

hot dogs legs 8 (1)

9. Pour some mustard on me

hot legs or hot dogs 9 (1)

10. Legs, for sure

hot legs or hot dogs 10 (1)

11. Is it legal for hot dogs to ride a bike?

hot legs or hot dogs 11 (1)

12. Two sausages on the beach

hot legs or hot dogs 12 (1)

13. Can I bite them and find out?

hot legs or hot dogs 13 (1)

14. LOL

hot legs or hot dogs 14 (1)

15. Both are legs, NO! Hot dogs!, NO!! Legs!!!

hot dogs or legs 15 (1)

16. Really?

hot dogs or legs 16 (1)

17. Not so sure about this one – thoughts?

hot dogs or legs 17 (1)

18. This is a no brainer

hot dog legs 18 (1)

19. I say hot dogs!

hot dog legs 19 (1)

20. Hairy hot dog legs – Yikes

hot dog legs 20 (1)

21. Fun times at the beach

hot dog legs 21 (1)

22. Are you sitting on the toilet?

hot dog legs 22 (1)

23. The subway sandwich kinda gives it away

hot dogs or legs 23 (1)

24. This is a hard one

hot dogs or legs 24 (1)

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