37 Bad Parking Notes That Are So Creative They’re Hilarious

When someone parks their car badly, like placing it on the lines separating the spots hence blocking two parking spots, you really want to smash their car right? I mean, what kind of person doesn’t mind blocking like that and doesn’t care about other people. But resulting to violence is never the answer, so before you let your anger get the best of you, try leaving him an angry note. Bad parking notes is the subject of today’s articles and boy do we have a lot of examples for you.

How many times in your life did you leave a windshield note to someone? It could be due to bad parking or because you hit their car, either way, when you leave this note, you should always try to not go overboard as to not let the situation escalate. Check out the gallery below of 35 clever poor parking notes and remember that time when you did it.

1. The first bad parking note and we are already LMAO!

bad parking notes 1 (1)

2. Epic burn on the windshield

bad parking notes 2 (1)

3. Someone went the extra mile to point out this asshole

bad parking notes 3 (1)

4. Cleverly calling the driver blind

windshield parking notes 4 (1)

5. Using pop culture songs to illustrate your point

windshield parking notes 5 (1)

6. Is that note laminated?

windshield parking notes 6 (1)

7. P.S your moustache is ugly. Shave it

windshield parking notes 7 (1)

8. The shit parking award

windshield parking notes 8 (1)

9. Someone needs to teach this guy how to park

lol parking notes 9 (1)

10. It’s a new record

lol parking notes 10 (1)

11. Potato clan is very mad about this

lol parking notes 11 (1)

12. The guy even added graphic to the note

lol parking notes 12 (1)

13. You obviously need the bread

lol parking notes 13 (1)

14. Using the famous line from the movie Taken

hilarious parking notes 14 (1)

15. Please do not reproduce

hilarious parking notes 15 (1)

16. LOL. Please take good care of spot

hilarious parking notes 16 (1)

17. Is this a bad parking note on the windshield or something else? That’s so nice

hilarious parking notes 17 (1)

18. Not really a note, but so good we had to post

hilarious parking notes 18a (1)

19. Sweet burn on the windshield

passive aggressive parking notes 19 (1)

20. Using popular memes to tell someone off

passive aggressive parking notes 20 (1)


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