37 Bad Parking Notes That Are So Creative They’re Hilarious

bad parking notes feat (1)

21. Not sure if count as a note, but it does the job

passive aggressive parking notes 19a (1)


22. I love this guy!

passive aggressive parking notes 22 (1)

23. Mickey Mouse giving the finger??

passive aggressive parking notes 23 (1)

24. Is that disgusting? I don’t know

bad windshield notes 24 (1)

25. I love these passive aggressive notes

bad windshield notes 25 (1)


26. Tow the car!

bad windshield notes 26 (1)

27. Going a long way to explain

bad windshield notes 27 (1)

28. Yes, you are a dickbrain, that’s a real thing look it up

bad windshield notes 28 (1)

29. This is straight up a threat

bad parking jokes 29 (1)


30. That’s a very insulting note to leave someone

bad parking jokes 30 (1)

31. Another version of a very aggressive note

bad parking jokes 31 (1)

32. LMAO!

bad parking jokes 32 (1)

33. Seriously i’m just impressed by the Optimus drawing

bad parking jokes 33 (1)


34. HaHa, let me see them give you a ticket now

bad parking jokes 34 (1)

35. I really hope this is chocolate.

bad parking jokes 35 (1)

36. So many notes, you shouldn’t park in a handicap zone

bad parking jokes 20a (1)

37. Hope the other side doesn’t have a surprise

bad parking notes 21a (1)

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