Adults Tweet About Their Kids And Will Make You Rethink Parenting

Being a husband and wife is happy and for most part good, as both of you enjoy the time together before you have kids. Parenting is a whole different story though, you have to learn it overnight, and it’s a continuous learning experience since you are hands-on with your kids from the moment they are born until the time they leave or die ( just kidding ). That is why, having a child is a serious matter that any married couple should have to consider very carefully.

To help you ponder, here are some adults tweeting about their children and we are sure it will make you think not just twice or thrice, but many times before even deciding to enter into parenthood. It’s a good thing to have kids, in fact they are a blessing but if you are not prepared and well-trained, you might as well just mess things up completely.

If you’re already a parent – Some of these tweets are funny and brilliant, but some will make you check and evaluate yourself as a parent.

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