People Found a Frozen Kitty Buried Under The Snow,What They Did Next Is Heartwarming

A group of people found a frozen kitty buried under the snow, it was so small and fragile they didn’t expect much but still they tried to help…

It was found under the snow and looked to be totally frozen and non responsive

frozen kitten rescued 2

After getting the little kitten out, they immediately got it inside to try and warm his body temperture

frozen kitten rescued 3

Then they started kitten CPR and hoped for the best

frozen kitten rescued 4

But it didn’t look good for the little guy…

frozen kitten rescued 5

But they didn’t give up and tried again and again…

frozen kitten rescued 6

And just when they thought it was over, the kitten started to move…

frozen kitty rescued 7

Three months later, they named it Lazarus and he’s doin fine

frozen kitten rescued 8

Watch the heartwarming video:

Source: Imgur


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