Win The Dating Game With These Free Dating Advice List

free dating advice

The guy who created Obvious Plant is at it again and he just left random dating tips at a floral shop. As you already know from this guy, called Jeff Wysaski, he doesn’t take life too seriously, so why should we? The Obvious Plant brand started in 2015 on Tumblr and quickly gain popularity and virality across the web, since than Jeff opened a popular Instagram profile and Facebook page and things took off from there. 

If you like these hilarious dating tips, make sure to also see out post about these funny life advice that will surly get you something. Not sure if that thing is a good thing, but something for sure.

What would you do if you saw these at your local shop? Would you take pictures? Would you follow the advice? We’re pretty sure you would just burst into laughter, and that’s great!

Free Dating Advice 2

Bring a gift to your first date, a small one, nothing big. That’s sound dating advice right here

Free Dating Advices 3


Jason Derulo style rap works best.

free dating dvice list 4

This is an old classic, works every time

free dating tips 5

This will not scare the ladies at all, and it shows you’re serious

free dating tips 6

Honestly, don’t do this, this is horrible

free dating advice 7


Sure, Netflix and chill. Everyone knows what that means by now

free dating guide 8

It shows you care, you put in the effort. Dating tips at its best

free dating guide 9

This will make your date jelly, and hopefully more in to you ( in theory )

free dating advice 10

10/11 And name it Bruno, Bruno Mars. Tinder is always fun and easy, remember that

Free Dating Advice 11

If anyone tried these tips while on a date and got any results, we would love to hear them. Seriously, even the most hilarious ones we are sure happened.

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