“Dangerous” Dog Breeds Playful Nature Revealed In Photo Booth Photo Shoot


A dog-friendly photo booth was set-up and organized by a photographer named Lynn Terry giving her the chance to showcase the lovely side of pit bulls. She featured photogenic pit bulls in a calendar she created for a local animal rescue who were gesturing like a perfect models. The result was wonderful and attractive. As Terry started working on some of her projects, the idea of the photo booth was still her passion so during a Valentine’s Day shoot in 2014, she reinstituted her brilliant creation to her clients who also love dogs.

Dog Breeds Playful Nature Revealed 1

In remembrance of her very own loving puppy, who just died, she wanted that other pet lovers to have a keepsake of their adorable dogs’ photograph too. Terry once again, organized a photo booth where her first subjects are pits named Bumper and Willis. These two pits were once used as fighting dogs before they even found a real home. They’ve been exposed to such a terrible experience, yet they managed to be cuddly and cute in their photos, especially when they were placed inside the photo booth.

Their first photo has indeed become viral overnight because of the dogs’ sweet and lovely personalities.”I truly believe that I owe my career to animal rescue,” Terry reveals. “Through my photography, I have had the opportunity to generate much-needed revenue for these organizations. In return, I have been able to produce a huge collection of beautiful imagery.”Bumper and Willis’ owner, Kelly Garrison adds, “I hope everyone can see the true character of pit bulls through their silly, fun-loving expressions.”

To see more of Terry’s work, check out her book Tails from the Booth and her 2016 calendar Mutts N Stuff. You can also read our own article we published a while back about Lynn Terry

Dog Breeds Playful Nature Revealed 2

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