First Ever Interactive Art Show For Dogs Encourages Them To Play And Gives Them Mental Stimulation

Do you like to look at things? Of course you do. You know who else likes to look at things? Dogs! Dogs like looking at pretty stuff just as much as we humans do. It may surprise you, but they like admiring artwork just as much as we do.

These pictures below are a part of the #playmore campaign, which is an art exhibit meant to encourage people to spend more time with their canine friends. Although, the exhibit was only open for two days.

It may seem silly, but actual veterinarians were consulted to be sure that the artwork in the exhibit would be beneficial to the dogs. More Than and British artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox got together to create this exhibit. It is the first art exhibit for dogs.

Take a look at some of these shots of dogs enjoying the artwork that was created especially for them.

interactive art for dogs 1

This was the vision of Dominic Wilcox in a sketch

interactive art for dogs 2

Can’t get any better than this *dog probably

interactive art for dogs 3

interactive art for dogs 4

Paintings of chicken sticks is like porn to dogs

interactive art for dogs 5

Dog is playing catch with a virtual frisbee

interactive art for dogs 6

This is cool, stick your head out the window in this car simulation and be rewarded a breeze with meat and old shoes

interactive art for dogs 7

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